Hologram Tamper Proof Stickers. Tamper Evident Tape. Warranty Void If Removed. Individual Serial Numbers. Large

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Hologram Tamper Proof Stickers. Tamper Evident Tape. Warranty Void If Removed. Individual Serial Numbers. Large
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VOID STICKER: Lenticular Card
PVC TAPE: Lenticular Badge
WARNING TAPE: Lenticular Sticker
ANTI SLIP TAPE: Lenticular Label
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: ISO 9001:2015, FDA, HACCP, SGS, EN13432
Model Number: WHATSAPP: +8613780964661
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 2000PCS/CARTON
Delivery Time: 15 DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union WHATSAPP: +8613780964661 BAGPLASTICS@GMAIL.COM
Supply Ability: 1 MILLION PER MONTH
Product Description

Hologram Tamper Proof Stickers. Tamper Evident Tape. Warranty Void if Removed. Individual Serial Numbers. Large 1.930 x 0.375 inches. (42 Stickers)

  • QUANTITY: disposable-consumables.com Tamper proof stickers, tamper evident taoe. Available in quantities of 42, 210, 378 and 714 with strong adhesive. Please inquiry us:
    Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661
  • SERIAL NUMBERS: disposable-consumables.com Each individual sticker contains a unique, never repeated, serial number. Allowing the user to track individual packages against the serial number.
  • LABEL SIZE: disposable-consumables.com Convenient size. Each sticker is dog bone shaped and is 1.930 inches x 0.375 inches rectangle allowing envelopes, products and packaging to be protected.
  • COLOR: Hologram, multi colors which changes depending on light and viewing angle. Please inquiry us:
    Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661
  • TAMPER FEATURE: disposable-consumables.com Tamper Proof, Tamper evident. Upon removal the sticker is destroyed and is impossible to reapply to the item with words "VOID" left on the item. Each sticker contains a unique, never repeated, serial number.
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Why use Security Stickers?


Provides confidence to your customers, knowing that their package has not been opened or tampered with. For items you wish to protect, disposable-consumables.com apply the security sticker on the item. If the sticker has been removed it becomes immediately apparent.... protecting both the seller and buyer! Use with Confidence. Please inquiry us:
Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661

Tamper evident features:

In the event that the Security Sticker is removed:


  • A honeycomb or "VOID" pattern (depending on product) with appear on the item the sticker was attached to.
  • The sticker become destressed with visible signs of damage, making it impossible to successfully reattached the security sticker to the item.
  • Each sticker comes with its own unique, never to be repeated, disposable-consumables.com serial number. This allows the ability to track individual stickers/items by logging the serial number.
  • The security stickers contains a unique design , created by our team of designers to ensure originality to other security stickers.


How to Use:

Each sticker is peel and stick, disposable-consumables.com no glue required. The sticker it attached to the item and then pressed firmly into place. The extra strong adhesive ensure that sticker remains in place. Can be used on paper, cardboard, plastics and any surface that accepts tape or similar products. For best results, ensure the surface is clean, smooth and dry before applying. Please inquiry us:
Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661

These stickers are perfect for those selling products disposable-consumables.com online where evidence of the product being tampered with is required. Please inquiry us:
Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661

Benefits of Security Stickers Please inquiry us:
Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661

  • Deters Tampering with Packages.
  • Provides Deterrent Against Fraud.
  • Increases Customer Confidence that Package has not been opened.
  • Increases Professional Appearance of the Packaging.
  • Serial Numbers are Recordable Against Individual Packages.
  • Attractive and Unique Design.
Please inquiry us:
Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661

Security Sticker on box

Security stick on envelope

Security Sticker on Battery

Security Striker on mail

On Boxes/Packaging

Use on boxes or other packaging. Provides the customer confidence that the package has not been opened in transit.

On Envelopes

Easy to apply to envelopes. Ensures that privacy is maintained and that the envelope remains unopened and away from prying eyes.

On Electronics

Apply to electronics to ensure that customers do not tamper with the devise or try and remove components.

On Mail

Ensure important mail remains unopened. Deters would be thieves from opening mail.










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