Serial Numbered Red Tamper Evident Security Tape (48mm x 50m x 2mil, 100% Total Transfer, Ultra-Thick “Void” Film

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Serial Numbered Red Tamper Evident Security Tape (48mm x 50m x 2mil, 100% Total Transfer, Ultra-Thick “Void” Film
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: ISO 9001:2015, FDA, HACCP, SGS, EN13432
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Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 2000PCS/CARTON
Delivery Time: 15 DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union WHATSAPP: +8613780964661 BAGPLASTICS@GMAIL.COM
Supply Ability: 1 MILLION PER MONTH
Product Description

Serial Numbered Red Tamper Evident Security Tape (48mm x 50m x 2mil, 100% Total Transfer, Ultra-Thick “Void” Film, Every 6” Perforation)

  • 【Pre-Assigned Serial Numbers for Added Security and Traceability】- Unique Serial Numbers are ideal for added security to record the serial number on the bill of lading and provide traceability for your assets, making the replacement of the same tape impossible. Besides, you can peel off each pcs of precut tapes to be used as a security label or sticker. Please inquiry us: Whatsapp: +8613780964661
  • 【No Waiting Period to Reveal “Void”】- Security hidden messages (e.g. "VOID/OPEN") will appear in A FEW SECONDS immediately if attempts are made at removal of tape, while other security tapes usually needed at least a few minutes to reveal "void".
  • 【Super 2 Times Thicker for Security “Void” Film】– Unlike other tapes with an ultra-thin security “void” film, our security tapes obtain a super 2 times thicker in security “void” film. Super thicker, Super durable, that’s why we have already won a good reputation among both customers and competitors around the security market. Please inquiry us: Whatsapp: +8613780964661
  • 【Easy to Tear by Hand, No Scissors Needed】– Every 6 inches (the length of A3/A4 envelope opening) in tape repeated a perforation, which will surely help you tear off the tape by hand very easily, and avoid any complaint “tape may stick to scissors when cut”.
  • 【Unique High-Grade Packaging with Plastic Core & Protective Film Laminated on Each Tape】- Unlike others’ tape with a paper core, we use a 3” plastic core and laminate film on each security tape for you to get a clean and beautiful appearance.

In addition to the tamper evident feature, you can choose security tapes with additional serial numbers to improve security. Record the number as needed for added security! Please inquiry us: Whatsapp: +8613780964661

Used to seal non-reusable packages, traces of security print will be 100% totally transferred to the Carton/article surface if these security tapes are removed.

If the activated tape is reapplied, the hidden pattern of "OPEN VOID" words will appear through the tape surface too.

This is a single use item. Not recommended for any application where the adhesive may be ingested by humans or animals.

Before applying the tape it is necessary: Please inquiry us: Whatsapp: +8613780964661

Tapes must not be exposed to temperatures over 100°F (37°С) during shipment or storage. Temperatures over 100°F can damage the tapes and shorten the shelf life. We do not accept any responsibility for tapes exposed to temperatures over 100°F.

Recommended Application: Please inquiry us: Whatsapp: +8613780964661
1.If needed, clean the application surface with 90% Isopropyl Alcohol prior to affixing the tape.
2.Apply security tape to the clean & dry surface at or above the recommended application temperature.

On the recommended surfaces at 70°F, the tamper evident feature should be functional within 1 minute of application. Other surfaces or lower temperatures may require more curing time. If the tamper evident feature does not perform immediately, more curing time usually improves the performance of the tamper evident feature. For best results, allow 1 hour curing time after application. Please inquiry us: Whatsapp: +8613780964661

General Minimum Application Temperature: +40°F.

Service Temperature Range: -40°F to +160°F.

1.Storage Temperature: 40°F to 100°F.
2.Storage Humidity: 20% to 60%.
3.Minimum Shelf Life: 2 Years.



Benifits from Security Tape:

1. Show visuable evidence of tampering. Please inquiry us: Whatsapp: +8613780964661

2. Deter unauthorized entry of your sensitive contents.

3. Reduce your losses dramatically.

4. Secure your goods during storage and transportation.

Protect Your Assets with Security Tape

No Waiting Period To Reveal Evidence of Tampering Please inquiry us: Whatsapp: +8613780964661

These tamper evident security tapes provide a simple and cost effective solution for improving your security of assets, as they provide immediate evidence (no waiting period) of any tampering, making them an effective deterrent against thieves.

  • Features:
  • Security prints will be TOTALLY transferred to the application surface if removed.
  • The original carrier (a clear and dry film) "gives up" its whole coating.
  • Feeling no adhesion on both Tape and the applied surface after removal.
  • No waiting period to reveal "void".
  • Provide an excellent visual theft deterrent.

A Better Security Tape Makes the Difference Please inquiry us: Whatsapp: +8613780964661

To provide customers with the best possible tamper proof seal, we make every effort to produce a better security "void" Tape with 100% total transfer, Ultra thicker "void" film, and a good anti-tamper function. Please inquiry us: Whatsapp: +8613780964661

All makes the difference.


Customize Your Security Tapes

-Customize Security Tapes with your own texts, logo, colors, or security hidden patterns. This can help to expand your brand influence, but MOQ is 250 m2 (equal to 100rolls x 50mm x 50m).

-Add serial numbering to your Tapes. Make it easy to track your equipment.

-Die-cut Tapes feature unique shapes that are difficult to reproduce. Octagons, butterfly, and rounded rectangular Tapes are available. Please inquiry us: Whatsapp: +8613780964661


Main Advantages:





100% Total Transfer Feature

Most security tapes in market could partially transfer only 50-60% of security "void" patterns if removed, but ours can get a 100% total transfer feature! Please inquiry us: Whatsapp: +8613780964661

Super 2 Times Thicker "VOID" Film Please inquiry us: Whatsapp: +8613780964661

Super Thicker, Super Durable! Our security "void" film could leave a whole layer in total 25 microns on carton, while others' only 10-12 microns.

Compatible with Most Surfaces

These tamper evident Tapes can work with 99% of application surfaces, even including some low-energy surfaces, such as PLASTIC, wood etc.

Even Work under -50 ℃ Temperature

Most tamper proof Tapes should work on above 5℃ Temperature to ensure a good function, but our Tapes can even work under -50 ℃ Temperature after testing!










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