Emesis Bag, Disposable Vomit Bags, Aircraft & Car Sickness Bag, Nausea Bags For Travel Motion Sickness (Blue)

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Emesis Bag, Disposable Vomit Bags, Aircraft & Car Sickness Bag, Nausea Bags For Travel Motion Sickness (Blue)
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Nausea Pouch: Nausea Bags
Disposable Bags: Disposable Sack
Disposable Pouch: Disposable Sachet
Airline Disposable: Barf Bags
Emesis Bag Sick Sack: Leak Resistant Bags
Air Train Sickness Vomit Puke Throw Up: Absorbent Pouch
Consumables: Air Sickness Bag
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Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: ISO 9001:2015, FDA, HACCP, SGS, EN13432
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Packaging Details: 2000PCS/CARTON
Delivery Time: 15 DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union WHATSAPP: +8613780964661 BAGPLASTICS@GMAIL.COM
Supply Ability: 1 MILLION PER MONTH
Product Description

Vomit Bags Disposable Quadrate, 1200ML Emesis Bags Disposable Hospital Grade, Handy, Easy to Use Throw up Bags for Kids, Pregnant, Car & Morning Sickness

  • Upgraded Comfortable Design for U - disposable-consumables.com The Square design is more suitable for our face shape, especially the Nose Part fits just all right, this barf bags which is more Convenient and Comfortable than the Round shape. Using once and toss. No mess to clean up any more!
  • Scale Marks Printed Inside Better - disposable-consumables.com The scale marks of vomit bags was printed inside, you won't touch scale ink at all, Safer for special care Kids, Pregnant and Sickness Persons. Please inquiry us:
    Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661
  • Lot of Qty - 60 PACK puke bags disposable (1200ml) thick hospital grade, you only need to spend 50pcs price to buy 60pcs barf bags. You can stow them in you car, purse, house, and everywhere else you could think of spending time during your very ill pregnancy or motion-sickness moment, How a lifesaver! (TIPS: Do not leave them out of reach and get some twist ties for when you are finished.) Please inquiry us:
    Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661
  • Easy to Use - disposable-consumables.com The Bags are easy to store and quick to get. Also use them in your home and they work great when you may not make it to the restroom in time. They sit right your side, 1200ML Capacity big enough to hold whatever comes out! No leaking!

PERFECT FOR ADULTS &KIDS Please inquiry us:
Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661

barf bags

What are the THROW UP BAGS for ADULTS &KIDS ? Please inquiry us:
Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661

THROW UP BAGS is a compact, emergency sickness bag that prevents all the mess,

smell, and clean-up that normally occurs when one suddenly gets sick(in the car,

at home, amusement parks, boats, planes, work, etc.). You can put these for your cars,

purses, bedside, travel bags, backpack, etc.

vomit bags disposable

emesis bags disposable

barf bags

High Density Vomit Bags Disposable

The premium material is very thick and high density with rigid plastic circular ring at

the mouth. You don’t need to worry about it leaking out. disposable-consumables.com

(Noted: When you are done with Vomit Bags, just twist it and put it into the tab. It doesn’t completely seal shut so be careful and put it directly into the trash.)

Portable and Easy to Have on-hand

Small enough to fit in your purse, hoody pocket or the car door pocket.

They do not take up much space when they are all folded up. It is quick to

grab and open up for use. Twisting and locking closed for disposal.

Large Capacity Holds 1200 cc/ml

Those Premier puke bags isolate splash backing, no spill and have a graduated indicative disposable-consumables.com

measurement system to 1200cc/ml, allowing to hold a lot of “sick” as expected. Please inquiry us:
Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661

Please inquiry us:
Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661
barf bags

Features: Please inquiry us:
Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661

(1)Hospital standard and high density barf bags

(2)Comes in a convenient easy lock style

(3)The durable rim is made of rigid plastic

(4)Large capacity holds 1200 cc/ml

(5)No smell, No leak and safe material

(6)60 Pack Bags


Versatile use: Please inquiry us:
Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661

Gets sick in the car, at home amusement parks, boats, planes, work, even as the male urine bag when in the Emergency situation.

When the urge to vomit is sudden, disposable-consumables.com there’s often not enough time to grab one of

these other containers or make it to the toilet. Emesis Bag’s compact design makes

it easy to grab, use and dispose of, preventing the undesirable mess, odor and clean-up.

Noted: When you are done with Emesis Bags Disposable, disposable-consumables.com just twist it and put it into the tab. It doesn’t completely seal shut so be careful and put it directly into the trash. Please inquiry us:
Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661

vomit bags vomit bags barf bags puke bags for car emesis bags disposable
  60 Vomit Bags Disposable 60 Vomit Bags Disposable 30 Vomit Bags Disposable 14 Vomit Bags Disposable
Shape Square Rounded Round Round Round
Quantity 60 Pack 60 Pack 30 Pack 14 Pack
Capacity 1200cc/ml 1000cc/ml 1000cc/ml 1000cc/ml
Easy to Have on-hand
No Leaking
High Density
No Odor
Safe Plastic

Please inquiry us:
Bagplastics@Gmail.com Whatsapp: +8613780964661

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